The media aren’t trying to be fair; they’re trying to and succeeding in creating clicks. If they lift up Hunter as a conversation topic they get more eyeballs. Even the NYT has fallen into this trap in a big way.

McCarthy has a pipe cleaner for a spine but there are 16 GOP House members from Biden districts and Kevin can count. Will the crazies in the House pay in ‘24 pay for no impeachment? It would be worth it for some Dems quietly to form a PAC to fund ads in the right places hammering the House’s failure to impeach. The voters who sent the crazies to Congress aren’t going to like the failure one damn bit.

Weiss has a loser case and he knows it. Juries don’t convict people for taxes they’ve already paid. The gun law has already been declared unconstitutional in at least one jurisdiction. He’s been investigating for five years and has found nothing else. The statutes of limitations have expired on most if not all of anything having to do with business deals--some of these things date back to 2013.

This may be one of those occasions where allowing the GOP the rope with which to hang itself, the petard upon which it can blow itself up, and all those other fitting metaphors is the wisest course.

Also, Axios is a joke.

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Of course, he could have a previous engagement which a judge will make that requires his presence elsewhere than on a debate stage. That could be his best out, being "ordered" by a representative of the "Deep State" not to attend the debate which he really, really, but I mean REALLY wants to attend.

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Going after Biden with absolutely no evidence will backfire, they just want to keep this in the news for another year

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"Three individuals on this list have not agreed to the pledge. Pence and Christie have been pretty clear they think Trump is unfit for office, though Pence has not said outright he won’t back his old boss if push comes to shove. The third candidate who hasn’t signed is Trump, because he doesn’t like several of the candidates."


Christie has made it abundantly clear that his prime motivation for running is to hold the Apricot Arthropod's feet to the fire, to hold him accountable for his past and ongoing violations of our laws, our Constitution, the oath of office he took in 2017, his betrayal regarding our allies and friends, among myriad other offenses TFG has committed.

Pence can try to spin away his complacency as VPOTUS to the Tangerine Tyrant, but that stench will follow him around the rest of his days. It wasn't until the MAGAdroids were threatening to lynch him that he did or said anything that wasn't an homage to his ex-boss. He *still* can't bring himself to totally condemn the actions taken by the previous inhabitant of the White House, he continues to be an apologist for the sake of his own image, and in an attempt to win over some of the Orange cultists.

As for the Orange G-d King himself, he says he won't sign the loyalty pledge because he doesn’t "like several of the candidates[.]" In reality, he doesn't like *any* of the others running for the New GOP nomination - for no other reason than their last names aren't Trump. He is waiting in the wings for his coronation, not only as the New GOP candidate, but also as President-for-Life. And, if he doesn't achieve his goals you can be assured that he will do everything he can to burn down the country in an act of revenge on all who don't recognize his godhead.


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Republicans are Trump's Eunuchs.

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Debates are pointless, for all sides. Doesn't change any votes, questions are dodged, the audience is biting their nails praying their candidate won't look stupid or break a big sweat, no specifics mentioned, just SOS talk pts., and so on.

The only entertaining debates that I can recall include are those having the comedic Ross Perot, Lloyd Benson callng Dan Quayle a Jack Kennedy not, and Trump's epileptic appoplexy at Biden making him look bad with facts. Then, there are the partisan afterparty interviewees that praise their guy as a god, and all others as incompetent diablos.

As per tradition I will skip the live circus and tune into the Reader's Digest or Cliff Note editions.

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I am not familar with Axios but always open to new things. The blurb decribing the type of site includes the lines "Smart, efficient news worthy of your time, attention, and trust." OK I will bite...

Then I read the linked article. High marks for efficiency. Yet, the bite size summaries couldn't quite hid the the fact failed to mention that the GOP got exactly what they asked. And those quotes they included as if that was indicative of anything. That wasn't an article it was a press release posing as an article.

It was not smart, or worthy of my time, and definately not my trust.

Needless to say I have read my first and last Axios article.

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This whole episode would be comical if it wasn’t so depressing. So the Reps are up in arms because Garland did exactly what they demanded that he do. That reminds me of a line from Animal House – “you fucked up, you listened to us”. It also reminds me (yet again) of how Trump would disparage a former Administration member as being unqualified for the JOB THAT HE NOMINATED THEM FOR.

I assume there are two primary reasons for the Rep response. The first is simple muscle memory. Whatever Garland does is bad, full stop. The second is to prepare the Trump base for the possibility that nothing will come of the investigation. Then they can say “we told you that Weiss was not a good guy. He’s ignoring all of the obvious evidence”. I bet they would have tried the same tack with Durham had Durham been appointed by Garland.

Perhaps in the coming days, some intrepid Capitol Hill reporter will ask them to justify their current position, considering their past position. But I know that their response won’t matter to their base (even if they repeated the Animal House line) because nothing matters to their base except that they are going after Biden or the libs or the Dems. Certainly, logic doesn’t matter.

Still I will remember this as (perhaps) exhibit number one when it comes to the hypocrisy that is the current GOP.

“it’s important for political observers and news consumers to look at these situations with a wider lens to avoid being misled” – amen to that. Just as the ultimate responsibility for our current political climate lies with the voters, so too is it incumbent upon news consumers to at least think about what they are being told to see if it passes the “smell test”. But the success of OANN and Newsmax (not to mention Fox), shows that ain’t happening.

In the not-too-distant past, news organizations had a decent chance of creating some balance because both sides of an issue had legitimate points. Most issues were 60/40 or 70/30 (meaning that those on the “60” side could understand that those on the “40” side had legitimate points). Now a lot of issues are 95/5 and those same news organizations just can’t figure out how to deal with the “5”. If they ignore it, those on that side will just accuse them of blatant bias. But if they give full coverage to the “5” side, then they are giving it undeserved relevancy.

This is just another example of the uneven playing field. Whatever anyone thinks about the MSM, they at least try to present a true picture. They seem to be walking on eggshells to tell both sides. They admit their mistakes. But the conservative media couldn’t care less. They don’t even bother pretending to present the other side. And the only time that they apologize is when they fear a defamation lawsuit.

And there is another difference. As biased as outlets like MSNBC are, they don’t make stuff up.

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This whole “I will support the eventual republican nominee” is a nonsensical commitment to authoritarianism rule. It clearly puts party above country, a point democrats should use in the general. Should all republicans support a fascist or convicted sexual predator or white supremacist, just because he’s a republican?

If David Duke were running and he wins the republican nomination, would all republicans be required to vote for him? No need to answer, it’s a rhetorical question. This is definitely their father’s GQP: circa, Deep South 1950’s.

I’m also shocked McCarthy hasn’t started impeachment proceeding yet. Blue state republicans be damned. It’s an a two tiered system of Justice I tell ya!!!!

I hear Comer has two new whistleblowers that will swear under oath that Hunter is the real Qanon and it was Joe who personally transported the 11,781 fake ballots in GA that threw the election to Biden...:)

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“Press coverage intended to fairly represent “both sides” of an issue runs a high risk of failure when one side is dominated by bad-faith actors. In such cases, creating the impression of balance can lead to drawing false equivalences, elevating unserious positions, and minimizing serious crimes. While the larger media world continues to struggle to accept this lesson—one of the biggest of the 2016 election—it’s important for political observers and news consumers to look at these situations with a wider lens to avoid being misled.”


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Re: the debates. Vivek has to rap all his responses. The requirement for the pledge is yet another confirmation that the GOP is not a serious party anymore. Trump can easily sit this one out and enjoy his popcorn while they debate. If he does not go, they will have to turn on each other, since going after Trump will look stupid. Christie will probably still make it work, but not the others. Trump likes to watch people fighting. It gives him a special thrill.

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The GOP has really taken to heart the concept that today is the first day of the rest of your life. To be reborn anew everyday must be a joy.

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I loved the article's wonderful picture of America's second dumbest senator.

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I just read the entire Devon Archer transcript. There is literally nothing there; and, moreover, evidence to refute the allegations leveled at Joe.

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We really need a better forum as a country to hold people accountable to this kind of rank hypocrisy / duplicity.

"Name Weiss a Special Prosecutor!" "Democrats are terrible for naming Weiss a Special Prosecutor." No one can actually defend that. Yet we really have no forum / mechanism to point that out to people. Republicans ought to be mad about that and want better Republicans to replace those who hack in such an idiotic (charitable) fashion.

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Re: the NBC News report (and all the other serious reports, including you, Joe), I honestly appreciate the seriousness and objectivity in which they do their reporting. I appreciate the word choices that are made. But I often times feel a smirk behind them. Maybe it's mine that I am overlaying the info.

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