I wish that the press conversation about abortion would stop with the idea that there is anything pro-life about the GOP. Loving the unborn is really easy. Loving the born, by making sure they have healthcare, an education and access to food and shelter is WAY HARDER.

Women are dying from GOP policies and that is the point of the policies. They will lose amd lose until they figure out that women understand what they mean when they enact their anti-born people policies.

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Whenever Republicans start talking abortion, I hear the faint strains of Horst-Wessel-Lied. These people don't care about life. It's about control and forced birth. They don't even care about children. They do nothing to help with childcare or Healthcare. The idea of free school lunches sends them into hysteria. They cut out health education and now want to ban contraception. And when the kids get mowed down by an AR 15, they defend guns! They weren't happy with over turning Roe vs Wade. Now it's a competition to see who can be more cruel. And yet if one of their mistresses gets pregnant, I promise you they will get an abortion. A pox on all of them.

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Here’s consensus on abortion: if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one.

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"Now Republicans are scrambling to come up with a message to mitigate the impression that their abortion positions put them wildly out of step with most of the country."

Except, of course, they ARE wildly out of step with most of the country.

Roe was pretty much the compromise on abortion. You could have an abortion w/in reasonable limits or you could totally chose NOT to have one.

And the extremes weren't happy (which is the ground state when an extremist doesn't get their way--which is a majority of the time).

Heaven forbid there be freedom/liberty (and isn't it strange how often heaven does that, one would think that God is not fond of freedom for some reason).

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I think that the headline could have simply stopped at "Republicans Befuddled..." Name the issue & elected Republicans are either on the wrong side of it electorally or with their own base. Nationwide abortion ban? An AR-15 in every hallway? Drag queens & trans athletes are the biggest threat to American culture? All loser positions in the general, but a candidate can't win a primary without expressing a full-throated support for them. I don't know about you, but I think a befuddled GOP is a (slightly) less dangerous GOP.

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I firmly believe that no one terminates a healthy late term pregnancy, but a major impediment to finding acceptable language for legislation is disagreement between pro-choice and pro-life people about frequency of specific medical conditions and how close to death a woman has to be before help is allowed. Rather than try to enumerate all the many ways a pregnancy can go wrong, let’s come at it from the other side and just say:

No termination of a healthy pregnancy after 20 weeks of gestation.

The twenty-week mark is halfway through a normal forty-week pregnancy and still prior to fetal viability. It is fewer weeks than Roe typically allowed but could be acceptable as a fair political compromise when the word “healthy” is included.

To be politically neutral we must leave it up to doctors to make the call on what “healthy” means for the woman and the fetus. I am quite sure this position would be acceptable to the pro-choice community; Women would not have to get to the point of advanced sepsis or organ damage or endure the forced horrors of non-viability.

It should be acceptable to pro-lifers as well because it limits choice by people they don’t trust.

Republicans keep accusing Democrats of being “pro-abortion up to the point of birth”. Repeating this disgusting lie does not make it true. In fact, Democrats do not murder babies, worship Satan or cheat on elections. Stalking straw horses prevents necessary realistic conversation. It is time to stop throwing insults at each other and find a humane and moral consensus.

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I become incensed when someone on the right talks late term abortions as though they are done right up to birth ..🤬

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Republicans have spent 50 years making their abortion bed, now they can lay in it. I look forward to the pro-life movement killing the GOP for years to come.

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I would submit that if the GOP coupled limited access to abortion with child- and family-friendly policies, they would have a better shot at winning. Abortion numbers are much lower than in the past and many are due to economic challenges that women face. Help women take care of their families and they will have families. Abortions will still be needed for the tragic cases implicating women's health and the viability of the fetus. That argument they will never win.

As for Biden running for re-election, that AI ad seemed to me to be a bit hopeful on the GOP's side. They live in a dystopian world. It is where they are most comfortable.

Elon has Tucker's people back. Twitter won't let them down.

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Do these morons really believe that women get abortions at the time of birth?

I just can't with these ridiculous talking points that they're somehow able to get 1/3 of the country to believe.

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Love how Pence conveniently forgot the “liberty and pursuit of happiness “ part of that quote

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1) The RNC ad predicting doom and gloom follows the recent trend. Remember Trump’s announcement speech? Dark, foreboding, and apocalyptic are three adjectives that come to mind (and you can throw in over-the-top). And remember that during the riots in the summer of 2020, the GOP predicted that these would be common occurrences should Biden become President, ignoring two salient facts: (1) there was no evidence that there would be riots if Biden won, and (2) there was lots of evidence that there would be riots while Trump was, in fact, President.

But, again, logic was never their strong suit.

2) I understand that abortion is a terribly emotional (and divisive) issue. But I truly don’t understand what the Right-to-Lifers are saying now. It seems to me that their whole argument against Roe was that it should be up to the states to decide. Now they are saying something else entirely.

I can’t claim to understand all the ins and outs of the abortion debate. But I can spot inconsistency.

I hope that the die-hard Right-to-Lifers continue to hold Trump’s feet to the fire. It has the possibility to cause some major rifts in the GOP (those arguing for the pure position of opposing all abortions and those arguing that taking such a strong position will almost guarantee election losses). There hasn’t been any other way to bring some daylight between Trump and his base. Maybe this is it.

3) With Carlson gone, where will Cruz go when he feels the need to publicly debase himself?

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Republicans, abortion, Dobbs decision: the dog caught the car and has no clue what to do now.

Nastier: abortion pre-Dobbs drew the anti-abortion right to the polls to vote for Republicans. Post-Dobbs, if Republicans want anti-abortion voter turnout to remain high, they have to throw red, dripping meat to them, and that means ever more draconian anti-abortion laws. Small problem: that'll drive away suburban small government types who might have few if any qualms about getting their teenage daughters abortions as situations arose.

What's left of traditional, pre-Tea Party Republicans may be willing to live with each state deciding what to do about abortion rights or bans, but they aren't going to abide nationwide bans. In presidential election terms, what's now necessary to win in Iowa and Missouri are almost certain to lose Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Karma is serving Republicans a super-duper sized helping of unintended consequences and toxic dilemmas. Couldn't happen to a more deserving party.

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Can we finally stop what is in essence a lie about late term abortions. The anti-abortion folks pretend that these occur to women who, after having been pregnant for 6 months, finally decide to have an abortion. But this is not true at all. Later term abortions (as far as I can see from all the looking for accounts on line) occur only because of a tragedy. So a compromised pregnancy.

And the new restrictive abortion laws have the effect of forcing women to bring very compromised pregnancies to term - even the exceptions are poorly written into the law, such that doctors are afraid to take the risk of performing an abortion.

When a media company like NPR puts the story on the air - when they offer a chance for comment from pro-lifers, the pro-lifers never appear to explain their position.

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Well articulated. I keep thinking that while most women don't want to have an abortion or even have to decide whether to have one, they are insulted by coercion on the question, and resist it because that coercion diminishes them. They need to be supported, heart and soul.

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I don’t know how widespread it it, but I am seeing a lot of conservatives say that they are finished with Fox. We’ll see.

As for abortion, there is no way that Republicans can put lipstick on this pig. They have lost a lot of votes over their embrace of the pro-birth crowd, and those votes will probably not come back. It is painfully obvious that they want a national ban, after which I have no doubt that they will turn to contraception. No thanks. They and their bible-thumping base can stick it.

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