That photo of Perry Johnson makes him kinda like the late, great Gilbert Gottfried doing a send-up of a third-tier candidate.

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I feel you haven't experienced a state fair until your cholesterol count goes up 20 points.

I do like the funnel cakes, though and there's nothing like state fair donuts.

Also, having raised pigs for 30 years, I can say that chop looked over cooked and boring.

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As a fellow adherent to a low-glycemic-index diet, the piece about Iowa's food options was almost panic-inducing to read. Why are there no vegetables available in America's agricultural heartland? The bit about the primal desire for dense, walkable spaces had me in stitches.

I'm ready cry about America's obesity rate, dry my tears with my MPH, and move back to France now.

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I missed the martyrdom message where you say, "I did this so you won't have to." You know, like Trump, taking a bazillion indictments on a gazillion charges so his base will be even more indebted to him for his largesse.

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Aug 22·edited Aug 22

IMO, Perry Johnson's candidacy is focused solely on the American economy, but with an incredible amount of spin. His plan, which he calls "2 Cents to Save America" (also the title of his book), cannot be taken seriously. The proposal sounds very doable: shave two pennies from every dollar of discretionary spending. Two cents on the dollar doesn't sound like much, but put a different way, he is proposing a two percent blanket reduction on *all* discretionary budget items, which is about twenty five percent of the entire POTUS proposed 2024 budget. His plan lacks any analyses of how and where these cuts should be made, he is looking at every line item as if they are of equal importance to the functioning of the government or the well-being of the American people.

On top of this, this idea will only lower the total budget by 0.005%, which doesn't seem like much when claiming you are balancing the budget. But this amount can add up to a heavy hit for those who depend on the government for their very existence. Yes, government spending is out of control, but this cannot be considered a serious effort to cut federal bloat.

The plan appears to lack any concern for the day to day lives of Americans. As a businessman he has spent his life with an eye on the corporate bottom line, the employees are just a part of the equation.

As POTUS Johnson would need to alter his focus to see that the "employees" - those of us who live in the US or are expats - are paramount to the country's balance sheet.

BTW, Johnson is 75, so doesn't he have the same complaint against him that is being used for Mr Biden, and to a lesser extent, the Apricot Arthropod, that the odds are of him dying while in office are fairly high according to actuarial tables? Maybe one's age is only a concern if you have a D after your name.


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"I will go for weeks, sometimes even months on end without a single cheat meal."

Holy shit Joe. To quote the Gingerbread Man from Shrek, "You're a monster!"

But in all seriousness, as an Iowan, my go to State Fair foods are A) a turkey leg (it's literally a roasted turkey leg), and B) deep-fried Oreos. Like, ZOMG, just thinking about those things is making me salivate a bit.

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Perry Johnson vs. Perry Farrell

I'll you be the judge:

PF - Lead singer - on the song "Jane's Addiction" (with addition of Red Hot Chili Peppers' Dave Navarro on guitar and Flea on bass)


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Bummed that Perry didn't make the debate stage. He's got terrible views and positions but at least he's an entertaining wild card

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I guess it's good to see the political "attractions" at the fair.

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My favorite fair food is funnel cake with powdered sugar. I'm generally to other items, if they are interesting but not weird.

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Thank you again for going to Iowa. The fair food looks okay but no way the turkey egg is a 10/10.

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Joe, you're pretty funny - a Bulwark trademark, I guess - like with Andrew Yang, "... used his success to spin off a new political party that doesn't take positions on anything". Well done!

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Wow you have no appreciation for fair food. All but two of your picks sounded awful and not even that badly disgusting. You don't use a plastic knife and fork on a pork chop, you pick it up with your fingers and chew it off a bite at a time. However those turkey eggs looked amazing though you never really had a picture giving folks an appreciation for their size.

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I need to know more about the specifics of your diet. What’s a typical dinner?

The Washington State Fair features light scones, stuffed with butter and raspberry jam. Definitely worth the trip.

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Thanks for being the Bulwark Boots-On-The Ground in the political spectrum!

Q. If you can discern, how MAGAty is the crowd that attends the GOP political debasement shows at the Iowa State Fair?

I live in Hoosierland (a transplant, so not sure if I'm an official "wash ashore"* on the banks of the Wabash River) and have met many old timey normie financially successful, Mainline Protestant, family comes to Grandma's house on Sunday at the lake for dinner Republicans/Right-leaning Independents.

Ours is a suburban-like urban center...not many high-rises, but many small businesses, professional consultancies, mid-upper retail shops and restaurants --- you get the picture.

These Republicans more than probably voted for Trump in '16, casually thinking he was the "as seen on TV" successful businessman, maybe didn't vote for him in '20, but certainly not for Biden.

That said, they would have totally restacked that CBS/YouGov chart about "Who would you believe more to tell the truth."

Here's my supposition:

#1 - Family and Friends

#2 - Religious Leader (Pastor/Priest)

#3 - Conservative Leaders (outside our region)

#4 - Trump

The scary part is that, although not turned-off by the Trump indictments, they see the '24 election as digital. "I can't vote for Biden, and maybe I'll hold my nose for Trump."

They don't seem to realize they don't have to choose either.

BTW - In '16, I got to vote for John F. Kennedy, since the first time around I was only 9 years old.


* "Wash Ashores" - this is a term used on Cape Cod, MA to determine a true "grew-up on the Cape" person compared to those who have moved there after becoming a teenager (the wash ashores).

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I’ve never attended one of these bc am Brit. We do have agricultural shows which I guess are nearest thing. It’s been a while but I’m pretty sure you can get like, normal food at those - at this one could you not even get like, unhealthy stuff that’s at least small so not too many calories? Like a cupcake say?:)

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