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Kevin McCarthy Is Out

How We Avoided a Government Shutdown. (For now.)

The Biden Impeachment Inquiry Starts With a Flop

Corruption Charges Bad for Menendez, Worse for Egypt

The House GOP “Sh*tshow”

NATO Ups Defense Spending—Here’s Who to Thank

Kevin McCarthy Is Just Winging It

New Mexico Gov’s Gun Order Attacked Even by Fellow Dems

McConnell Health Scares: He Reassures Colleagues But Not the Public

The Senate’s Back—and It’s ‘A Pretty Big Mess’

House Conservatives’ Dilemma: Shut Down the Government or Impeach Biden

Sending Troops into Mexico Is Now Mainstream GOP Policy

The GOP Debate Wasn’t a Redemption for Fox

The Curious Case of Perry Johnson

‘I’m with him until he dies’—Iowa State Fairgoers Picking Sides for 2024

Reaction to Hunter Biden News: A Clinic in Hypocrisy

Toxic Senate Candidates Won’t Take Hint, Move Closer to Jumping In

Sidetracked: Norfolk Southern Cuts Big Checks as Rail Safety Bill Idles

Corporations Doling Out Cash to Election Deniers

Tommy Tuberville Reaps What He Sowed

Biden Impeachment Push Gets a Big Boost

Candidates Flout Campaign Laws, Face No Consequences

Comer Downplays Star Whistleblower Revealed to Be a Fugitive

Jim Jordan Is Going to Parade RFK Jr. Around Congress to Fight ‘Censorship’

The Republican Grudge Match With the FBI Director

The Marine Corps Is Missing Its Top General Thanks to One Republican Senator

Montana Republicans Are Swiftly Trying to Prevent a Disaster Senate Race

Take a Look at the American Revolution’s Statues in the U.S. Capitol

Ron DeSantis Isn’t Chipping Away at Trump’s Lead

GOP Candidates Are Going All in on the Post-Roe Abortion Crackdown

Who Is Actually Making the Cut for the First Republican Debate?

Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Has Everyone Acting Totally Normal

Why does this congressman keep winking at militia types on Twitter?

GOP Senators Can’t Be Bothered to Read Trump’s Indictment

House Republicans Call It Quits Amid Rampant Dysfunction

Conservatives Tank Their Own Gas Stove Bill Out of Spite

Big Bipartisan Moment Hurt the Freedom Caucus’s Feelings

Debt Ceiling Deal Causing the Ultimate GOP Temper Tantrum

DeSantis 2024 launch: Not as bad as you think?

Oversight Chair Admits Biden Investigations Are About Politics

If No Labels Pushes a ‘Unity Candidate,’ Expect a ‘Trainwreck,’ Group’s Allies Say

Oversight Committee Can’t Find Key Witnesses in Biden Investigation

How One Senator’s Hold on Military Promotions Is Hurting Readiness

Kevin McCarthy Met a Putin-Loving Supporter of Neo-Nazi Groups

Debt Ceiling Deadline Much Closer—But No One’s in a Rush

Trump’s Backers Don’t Think He Should Debate

House GOP Debt Bill Fiasco: An Exercise in Futility

Republicans Befuddled by 2024 Abortion Politics

Kevin McCarthy’s Awkward, Ginger Debt Ceiling Dance

The Boys Are Back in Town

Lindsey Graham Backs Another Strongman He Once Despised

From Keyboard to Canvas: Meet the Political Reporter Who Paints Washington

Trump Is Winning the 2024 Endorsement Race—and Gaining Potential Enemies

Read the Full List of Charges Against Trump

Two Congressmen Got Into a Verbal Altercation After Votes Concluded Wednesday Evening

From TikTok to Tesla: Congress Warily Eyeing U.S.-China Business Relations

Leave Trump Alone!

Congressional Republicans Are Gearing Up for Battle Over Expected Trump Indictment

Republicans Take Out Their Long-Held Ukraine Anger on DeSantis

Did the Banks ‘Go Woke’ or Just Enjoy Bipartisan Deregulation?

Does the Right Want an Iraq War in Mexico?

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want to Talk About Eradicating “Transgenderism”

Examining Ron DeSantis’s Tenure in the House

Social Security and Medicare Have Always Been on the Chopping Block

Trump’s Real Record on Rail and Chemical Safety

Secession Fan Fiction Gaining Popularity on the Right

Republicans Turn a Blind Eye to Elon Musk’s Twitter Manipulation

Republicans Want to Run for President Without Having to Confront Trump

Republicans Flop in First Hunter Biden Hearing

The State of the Union is the House GOP’s debut media bonanza

The House COVID subcommittee has anti-vaxxers and some of the insurance industry's top allies

Trump is still a threat to Republican chances if he isn’t the nominee

Matt Schlapp allegedly groped a young man—hurting his already dwindling influence

The GOP Establishment Is Clinging to the Base Harder Than Ever

Investigators Will Likely Want to Talk to House Republicans Who Might Have Known About George Santos

The Republican infatuation with Italy’s new right wing

A Tale of Two Committees

Here Is What’s Next for George Santos Now That He’s Officially in Congress

Kevin McCarthy: The Chaos Speaker

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